Growing up is a trap



So i am on the edge of completing my first year of the college and preparing for the finals which is very near  say in 2 months (oh yes 2 months for a medical  student is very extinct time) and at a times i feel myself so frustrated with books everywhere and anywhere i go if i open my shelf i find some anatomy book in which just a nerve passing in my body is described in 40 pages or if i open my phone i see a downloaded video of some dissected dead body which sucks and that is where i miss playing with A,B,C or 1,2,3 when i was a kid and all i had to worry about how will i subract 3 out of 10. So simple it is isnt it? Life was so easy then. All we used to get tensed was about completing homework on time and play with friends.

Those were the times where you asked for a Screenshot_2017-05-27-15-31-35-1new pencil with a puppy face to your mom on starting of exams where now even a single pen in bag is a big deal. Where you worried about your first exam where now you just wait for the last exam. Where you completed the homework on the day itself when it was given and not where you now complete the assignments on the day of deadline. Childhood were just not about scoring the highest marks it was all about getting your name inked on the blackboard when you stood first and that is why you studied die hard just to see your name there.

Well, apart from academics childhood was pure form of innoscence . It was all about being everyone’s favourite in your home. Being daddy’s princess and mumma’s lil boy was the only goals you wanted to achieve. Getting a chocolate and a hug from grandpa after scoring good marks was the real happiness. It was about wearing the dresses which your mom would select for you and looking the prettiest in them. It was when nothing else mattered to you. It was when you can go anywhere without fear holding dad’s hand and if a tear comes in to your eyes your mom would feel the pain the most. Where you didnt had to lie hundred times a day to parents, friends, teachers and the world .It was when you were the REAL YOU. Where the world going upside down didnt mattered to you at all. It was all about those pretty amazing stressless days .

Childhood was the only amazing phase of the life . Being a child was beautifull and having some pretty memories is the best part. some of pretty amazing things of childhood were the barbies and the beyblades which played very important part of the life and we cried the hell out to just get them but now unfortunately they got replaced . we slept hugging our dolls then where now all it got replaced with cellphones which are 24*7 beside us . Playing with beyblades and hotwheels cars was the real fun while they too got replaced with bikes and cars . Cartoon networks and POGO got replaced with action movies and series . Hugs and kisses to parents went virtual on whatsapp . Family dinners and get together got replaced with some wild and noisy night at a bar. Innosence got replaced with cleverness. and happy days got replaced with stressfull life . little did i knew i would crave for those days again when in childhood all i wanted was to grow up and have all the fun so stupid i was.

But then, life happened as time dont stop for anyone and we grew up .You know you grew up when you were sleeping in a couch without a shawl and you wake up the same way. You know you grew up you alone are awake at 2 in night to study and complete the assignments . You Grew up to the sorrows and worries . Now each and every single thing worried us . Every up and down in life mattered us the most and we lost our innocence in faking around in front of the world. And now i finally understand why GROWING UP IS A TRAP.

So, dont let your life get to heavy on you and stop you from being happy , Act childish sometimes and let the innocence in you flow out. Play with childrens and feel how beautifull phase you just passed from . Spare sometime to that replaced dolls and cars and cartoon network which gaved you ultimate happiness . Dont just forget to live this phase whenever life gives you chance because life is just one and you need to live it to the fullest. 🙂


Author: Afewlittlethings

To know more about me you can reach to me via: Email: Insta ID: vaishakhi12

2 thoughts on “Growing up is a trap”

  1. N it was far more better than a blog n far easy to read sumthin like this 😄✌️
    Hope to c some more blogs😍
    N obviously evyone should jus crawl back to der childhood n jus feel dose days😅


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