Growing up is a trap



So i am on the edge of completing my first year of the college and preparing for the finals which is very near  say in 2 months (oh yes 2 months for a medical  student is very extinct time) and at a times i feel myself so frustrated with books everywhere and anywhere i go if i open my shelf i find some anatomy book in which just a nerve passing in my body is described in 40 pages or if i open my phone i see a downloaded video of some dissected dead body which sucks and that is where i miss playing with A,B,C or 1,2,3 when i was a kid and all i had to worry about how will i subract 3 out of 10. So simple it is isnt it? Life was so easy then. All we used to get tensed was about completing homework on time and play with friends.

Those were the times where you asked for a Screenshot_2017-05-27-15-31-35-1new pencil with a puppy face to your mom on starting of exams where now even a single pen in bag is a big deal. Where you worried about your first exam where now you just wait for the last exam. Where you completed the homework on the day itself when it was given and not where you now complete the assignments on the day of deadline. Childhood were just not about scoring the highest marks it was all about getting your name inked on the blackboard when you stood first and that is why you studied die hard just to see your name there.

Well, apart from academics childhood was pure form of innoscence . It was all about being everyone’s favourite in your home. Being daddy’s princess and mumma’s lil boy was the only goals you wanted to achieve. Getting a chocolate and a hug from grandpa after scoring good marks was the real happiness. It was about wearing the dresses which your mom would select for you and looking the prettiest in them. It was when nothing else mattered to you. It was when you can go anywhere without fear holding dad’s hand and if a tear comes in to your eyes your mom would feel the pain the most. Where you didnt had to lie hundred times a day to parents, friends, teachers and the world .It was when you were the REAL YOU. Where the world going upside down didnt mattered to you at all. It was all about those pretty amazing stressless days .

Childhood was the only amazing phase of the life . Being a child was beautifull and having some pretty memories is the best part. some of pretty amazing things of childhood were the barbies and the beyblades which played very important part of the life and we cried the hell out to just get them but now unfortunately they got replaced . we slept hugging our dolls then where now all it got replaced with cellphones which are 24*7 beside us . Playing with beyblades and hotwheels cars was the real fun while they too got replaced with bikes and cars . Cartoon networks and POGO got replaced with action movies and series . Hugs and kisses to parents went virtual on whatsapp . Family dinners and get together got replaced with some wild and noisy night at a bar. Innosence got replaced with cleverness. and happy days got replaced with stressfull life . little did i knew i would crave for those days again when in childhood all i wanted was to grow up and have all the fun so stupid i was.

But then, life happened as time dont stop for anyone and we grew up .You know you grew up when you were sleeping in a couch without a shawl and you wake up the same way. You know you grew up you alone are awake at 2 in night to study and complete the assignments . You Grew up to the sorrows and worries . Now each and every single thing worried us . Every up and down in life mattered us the most and we lost our innocence in faking around in front of the world. And now i finally understand why GROWING UP IS A TRAP.

So, dont let your life get to heavy on you and stop you from being happy , Act childish sometimes and let the innocence in you flow out. Play with childrens and feel how beautifull phase you just passed from . Spare sometime to that replaced dolls and cars and cartoon network which gaved you ultimate happiness . Dont just forget to live this phase whenever life gives you chance because life is just one and you need to live it to the fullest. 🙂


Why a girl cant confess she was raped?

​Okay so there have been many talks about feminism and people all over the world are discussing this.  There are new blogs everyday saying what feminism is and telling what girls undergo certain situations throughout her life and the world who just keeps commenting on one such girl’s life so easily how needs to understand and respect that. Everyday a new photo is being photo bombed and posted on facebook and instagram and thousands of tweets and retweets  everyday . BUT what all this for? Some people just read out blogs comment on them and forget it the very next second and some just like the photos as randomly they do on every photo.Thats it? And then they call themselves feminist the supporters who stand up for females all time whenever they need. But a society full of such virtual feminists still puts on so much of do’s and dont’s  and don’t accept a girl completely just the way she is. A major one of the problem in the world is RAPE and MOLESTATION . okay there have been a lots of post talking about the criminals and lets not talk about that. But what questions me all time is why a girl isn’t being accepted the way she is. I mean in this 21st century world full of feminists people still call the girl which is actually the victim terms her as IMPURE .Really? Those asshole who ripped the girl apart, who snatched away the most important thing from a girl who not only made her lost her virginity but also made her lost the confidence in herself to face the world,who  aren’t shamed that much as much as a girl is shamed just because she is no more a virgin. World call her impure and touched by other mens  and she starts believing them, she starts agreeing to the shit like it would be her fault at some place somewhere and looses the self confidence in herself . Society blames her for wearing short clothes and hanging out with guyz which according to the world is a sign indicating she is a slut and you can just rip her and her virginity however you want , her parents ask her to stay quiet and accept whatever she has gone through by understanding it was written in her destiny just because no boy would marry her once he would get to know she isn’t a virgin against her choice.She would have to face the sarcastic tones of her family and friends as she is now a burden on them and how they cant face the world and live between society reputedly just because a guy have touched her which was definitely not her choice . And what leads this? This leads to thousands of girls who just don’t face the reality because of this and remain silent . There would be many such girls who would have became a  victim of such deadly crime but have suffered silently by crying her chest out in a dark room just in the fear that instead of getting support and stand she would have to face a thousand million more problems . She keeps quiet thinking what will her  family and  friends think of her . What would society question her ? How would people judge her ? How badly she would get inappropriate bullshit tags. And the main question is this is what she all deserves from people around her? What bad it makes to her and her character if she is raped? People are modern enough to discuss sex but not modern enough to go against rape and support the victim.

16th December 2012 was a terrible day for india to digest because an indian daughter was raped beaten and murdered by six fucking criminals which caused a revolution all over the india. Infact not only india it spread worldwide across Singapore ,Canada and many more countries  and this case was named as NIRBHAYA ATTACK as indian government has a rule not to disclose the name of the victim without her families permission and when asked this to the victims parents about this they very proudly announced victim’s name as JYOTI SINGH and her father even said “ we want the world to know her real name. My daughter didn’t do anything wrong she died while protecting herself and I am proud of her “ and this is what every victim who is a daughter expects from her parents atleast if not from society .

 I believe she is a warrior who rises up again fighting her worst demon which comes to her every night when she is alone. She is a brave soul who chooses to live after such heartbreaking incident with herself .She is fierceless who smiles everyday even after she was ripped completely appart . She is amazingly beautifull because she chooses love over hatred . And she deserves much more then what world actually gives her she deserves a liitle love more so that she don’t hate herself for whatever happened . she deserves an extra care so that she believes she would be safe nowonwards around her family and friends , she deserves  some faith in herself so that she can gain her confidence In herself back to face the world. And moreover she needs to be believed so that she could tell the world about the offense she went through and can punish the criminals shamelessly so that there would no more suicide attempts , no more an extrovert girl turning into an introvert completely ,no more suffering silently through the worst pain when she is completely broken and then no more asshole criminals can roam freely and she needs to get believed that world can be a better place for her to live .

The first post

hey there! So i am new to blog and i have been thinking from so long time to make one and here it is! 

I believe in sharing the happiness and standing along in sadness so i will just try my best to share my life with you wholeheartedly

Even you can share your stories and ups and downs of your life i will be happy to read it and help you if i can!

 so lets get started and keep reading keep loving!

Lots of love!